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AOA Trade Show

Join Us August 22, 2024 -
Long Beach Convention Center


39th Annual
Tri-State Seminar

Join Us August 5-8, 2024 -
South Point Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas


Desert Brand

Complete Decking Systems -
Walkways, Balconies, and Roof Decks



Makes A World of a Difference



Permanent Concrete
Waterproofing Solutions.
We distribute Kryton Concrete
Waterproofing Systems for new
construction and repairs.


Chlorine &
Sodium Hypochlorite

Because Water
Is Our Most
Precious Resource



The Total System Treatment
Solution for Municipal


Calcium Chloride

For Oil Field Drilling Fluid,
Snow & Ice Melt,
Ready-Mix Concrete,
Dust Control, Fertilizer, And More...

Most trusted chemical supplier in the Western United States.

Hill Brothers Chemical is a Western United States based company that for over 100 years has been supplying a variety of chemical products to both the industrial and construction markets including Ammonia Products, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Hydroxide Products, Bleach & Chlorine Products, Acid & Alkali Products, Decking & Sealers on our Desert Brand Product line.

About Hill Brothers Chemical

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