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Since opening its doors for the first time in 1923, Hill Brothers Chemical Company has been committed to the safety of its employees. Our entire work force is involved in the process of improving procedures, the workplace, and our environment, while working to eliminates the potential hazards surrounding our work duties. We believe that the only acceptable level of injuries or incidents is none. In order to achieve that goal, Hill Brothers Chemical Company has developed a set of safety and compliance standards that are applied consistently throughout the company. Protecting our employees from the hazards of the workplace is a great importance to us, and it is our responsibility to be good neighbors and to look after the communities in which we operate as well. We will not allow our actions to negatively impact the lives of others. As anyone who comes to visit any of our facilities can see, we strive for personal excellence in everything we do, which is reflected in our safe work practices. We encourage all of our employees to report to their immediate supervisor any unsafe work conditions, or suggestions for improvements. This promotes the reduction of accidents, injuries, and illnesses- and ensures a safe work environment for everyone involved. We ask that each of our employees give their full commitment to reaching this level of excellence. With safety as our focus, everyone benefits.

A Message from our President/CEO – his prospective of safety for Hill Brothers

It is one thing for a company to declare a commitment to safety, it is another thing entirely to live it every single day. At Hill Brothers, safety is what we do. It is embodied in our core values, demonstrated by our actions, and certified by our record.

Over nine decades of existence we have cultivated a robust culture of safety that includes ownership and accountability, transparent and productive relationships with first responders and regulators, and a commitment to continually improve. As a company that supplies a variety of chemical solutions to make our world cleaner, safer, and better, it is our primary responsibility to ensure the safety of our employees and our communities, and to succeed with our primary safety goal – to have zero accidents or incidents. That responsibility is our imperative and our mission.

Adam Hill,
President, CEO