THIOGUARD® is safe, technical grade magnesium hydroxide; think of it as “milk of magnesia” for municipal collection systems and wastewater treatment plants. It is the non-hazardous, earth friendly water treatment alternative for odor and corrosion with positive plant benefits. Adding Thioguard® magnesia hydroxide to your system provides long distance hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid corrosion reduction and odor control, as well as providing many other in-plant benefits. Thioguard® TST (Total System Treatment) is the “Swiss Army Knife” of municipal wastewater treatment providing a host of application benefits including:

  • Reducing odor and odor complaints
  • Reduced sewer corrosion
  • Bio-friendly alkalinity source
  • Improved nutrient management
  • Reduced biosolids
  • Reduced costs

Harness the power of technical grade Magnesium Hydroxide with Thioguard® TST. Thioguard® is available to municipalities throughout the Western United States exclusively from Hill Brothers. Contact us to find out how Thioguard® can work in your system!

  • For Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • For Sanitary Collection Systems


THIOGUARD® is an effective, environmentally-safe, magnesium hydroxide slurry derived from highly reactive calcined magnesium oxide wastewater treatment. Engineered and manufactured to provide more pound for pound alkalinity with the highest reactivity, stability and purity, THIOGUARD® successfully controls pH while effectively treating odors, corrosion, and FOG (fats, oils, and grease). Direct addition of THIOGUARD® to wastewater collection systems stops odors by preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas, while providing downstream benefits to the treatment plant operation, or Total System Treatment (TST).

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