Aquamag magnesium hydroxide is a high quality GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) slurry product that is non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly in nature. Manufactured exclusively in the U.S., Aquamag is produced at the highest product standards for reactivity, consistency, and quality reliability. Aquamag magnesium hydroxide provides a safe, cost-effective alternative to other products such as caustic soda or lime for acid neutralization and pH control, alkalinity addition, metals precipitation and more. Technical benefits and handling advantages make Aquamag the magnesium hydroxide of choice.

  • Buffering quality minimizes potential over-treatment issues
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to handle, non-hazardous, freezing point similar to water
  • Effective with most acids present in waste stream effluents
  • High solids level slurry
  • Minimized sludge volume generation and produces less soluble salts (TDS)

Aquamag magnesium hydroxide is used in a wide variety of applications and industries:

  • Industrial facility wastewater treatment and sludge control
  • Industrial biological wastewater treatment
  • Heavy metals precipitation
  • Food and beverage industries for pH control and acid neutralization
  • Power Plants for SOx scrubbing, biological wastewater treatment, and solids control
  • Pulp and paper industry for bleaching, deinking, and SOx scrubbing


Aquamag is an aqueous suspension of magnesium hydroxide produced from calcined magnesite that has found extensive use in chemical processing and water treatment and particularly waste water treatment, because of its safety, efficiency, and convenience. Aquamag is non-corrosive, safe to people, as well as to the environment, and can be handled in higher concentrations from other neutralizers at lower temperatures. In addition to efficiently neutralizing waste water, Aquamag is extremely effective in minimizing sludge volume generation.

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Aquamag Vs. Caustic Soda and Lime

Since lime is insoluble and does not slurry easily, handling becomes quite difficult. Solids handling and slaking require costly specialized equipment. And, because lime is highly abrasive this equipment requires constant maintenance and frequent replacement.

Aquamag is non-abrasive and will not freeze above 32º F. It is truly an easy and inexpensive material to handle.