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Calcium chloride is a unique, and in some cases, natural salt product that is used worldwide for a variety of applications from concrete set acceleration to drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry. Hill Brothers supplies both liquid and dry calcium chloride throughout the Western United States from our local facilities positioned on the West Coast and Rocky Mountains. Calcium chloride is a non-hazardous, environmentally safe, hygroscopic, and easy to handle product in either its liquid, dry prill, or dry powder form. Some of the many uses include:

  • Drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry
  • Snow and ice melt for safe conditions on roadways and pedestrian traffic
  • Control of dust and soil stabilization for unpaved roads and pathways
  • Set accelerator for ready-mix concrete
  • Brine solutions for agriculture and various food industry applications
  • Water and wastewater treatment applications

Calcium Chloride - Liquid

Liquid Calcium Chloride is a clear to light brown tint liquid. Typical strengths by calcium chloride content range from 30%-40% by weight; we also offer custom strengths upon request. This product is completely soluble in water, non-hazardous, and available from Hill Brothers in two varieties as either Industrial Grade Calcium Chloride (HICO 925), or the further refined to ASTM D-98 specification Treated Calcium Chloride (HB98), suitable for ready-mix concrete applications requiring this specification. Hill Brothers’ liquid calcium chloride is available in a variety of packages, totes, mini-bulk, and truck-load/railcar bulk.

Calcium Chloride, Liquid SDS

Calcium Chloride, Liquid NSF SDS


HICO Liquid Calcium Chloride SDS

HB98 Liquid Calcium Chloride Specifications

HICO Liquid Calcium Chloride Premium Grade Specifications

HICO Liquid Calcium Chloride Flyer

Liquid Calcium Chloride Specifications

Liquid Calcium Chloride NSF/ANSI 60 Standard Certified

Liquid Calcium Chloride Amboy, CA Manufactured

Liquid Calcium Chloride Industrial Grade Rowley, UT Manufactured

Liquid Calcium Chloride Spec Grade Rowley, UT Manufactured

Liquid Calcium Chloride Treated Amboy, CA Manufactured

Liquid Calcium Chloride Product Profile

HICO Thaw 26% Specifications

HICO Thaw 30% Specifications

Calcium Chloride Properties Table

Calcium Chloride for Dust Control and Base Stabilization

Calcium Chloride for Dust Control Questions

Calcium Chloride for Tire Weighting

Calcium Chloride For Control of Alkalies in Portland Cement

Calcium Chloride - Dry

Dry, or anhydrous, calcium chloride is referred to by Hill Brothers’ trade name as Hi 94. Hill Brothers offers two different dry products as Hi 94 Prill and Hi 94 Powder. Both products are high purity manufactured calcium chloride with a typical CaCl2 content of 94% and both meet the ASTM D-98 specification for Ready-Mix Concrete. Hi 94 Prill is a white deliquescent granule and Hi 94 Powder is a white powder, finer grind product; both are highly soluble in water initiating an exothermic condition when diluted in water. Both Prill and Powder are manufactured to the highest of quality control specifications to meet industry requirements.

Calcium Chloride, Powder SDS

Hi 94 Prills SDS

Calcium Chloride Powdered Specifications

Hi 94 Calcium Chloride Prills Specifications