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Addressing odor problems is a pressing concern in the WWT industry. One of those problems that has to be “fixed and fixed NOW!” Sometimes the first answer is installing a carbon, chemical, or biological scrubber. An alternative approach to the same problem is the addition of THIOGUARD®, which will offer superior odor reduction results, while at the same time delivering the most crucial cost saving benefit of all – system-wide corrosion prevention.

Infrastructure Corrosion is undoubtedly the most significant problem facing today’s plant operators and engineers. The EPA puts the funds required for infrastructure repair and replacement at $271 Billion.

So, when you are faced with an odor problem, and you are considering adding a scrubber to your lines, you may want to ask yourself this question – Will adding an expensive scrubber help prevent corrosion and maintain and extend the engineered life of my infrastructure?

Carbon, chemical, or biological scrubbers are not designed to prevent corrosion. Scrubbers, by design, draw air through your lines, potentially pulling more H2S out of solution, and contributing to corrosion – specifically in crown and manhole infrastructure.

® added to your system, generally through a single feed unit, suppresses H2S system-wide, eliminating your odor problem, in many cases reducing total gases released from the wastewater stream. The benefits to your infrastructure and your plant are immediate and lasting. Through a single application point, you are effectively maintaining and extending the engineered life of your existing infrastructure. Other downstream benefits include a reduction in the production of sludge, and enhanced clarification and dewatering.

Where scrubbers are currently in use, THIOGUARD® , added upstream, will greatly reduce the overall load, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing the lifespan of existing equipment and structures.


By reducing the acidity in your system, you’ll reduce corrosion dramatically, in some cases by as much as 100X, when compared to other treatments. THIOGUARD® is typically added through a single Feed Unit, and provides “corrosion-controlling” benefits throughout your system, from collection system source to treatment plant discharge.

Corrosion is an incredibly COSTLY problem facing
America’s Water System Infrastructure.

THIOGUARD® is a proven solution to maintaining & extending the life of our nation’s water Infrastructure while providing multiple benefits downstream.