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Water Treatment

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. supplies chemicals for water and wastewater treatment. Our Services include designing, manufacturing, and distributing products for your water treatment needs. We have a comprehensive and experienced service team to provide on-site assistance. We can help with your water & wastewater treatment needs, and can supply you with the proper treatment chemicals and other support to ensure the wastewater solution you choose is running effectively at your facility. Hill Brothers Chemical technicians are trained to operate, maintain and trouble-shoot all types of water treatment equipment and systems to ensure that your facility remains in compliance. Our technicians are available for sight specific job walks and can assist and recommend construction start up chemicals in either bulk or package sizes to fit your project. 

Waste Water Odor & Corrosion Solutions & Services

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. provides odor and corrosion control solutions that suspends, prevents and removes hydrogen sulfide, the primary cause of odor in wastewater systems. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) also accelerates corrosion in collections systems and wastewater plants, leading to failures and costly repairs. Applications for odor & corrosion control treatment include; collection systems, wastewater plants, and biosolids processing. Hill Brothers offers collection system odor control assessment and data collection services and can lend support for all your odor control sewer rehabilitation projects -let Hill Brothers Chemical Co. provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

Potable Water Disinfection & Alkalinity Enhancement Solutions & Services

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. carries potable water treatment chemicals that are NSF approved. Our potable water treatment chemicals will improve your process. Let us know your situation and we’ll research a chemical based solution in your process to provide the outcome you desire. For more information contact us.

NH3 & Aqua Ammonia Pump Outs

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. has been committed to the chemical industry since 1923, we know that supporting more than just product supply is what the ammonia industry requires. We provide environmentally safe high quality Pump Out services for bulk containers, storage tanks, and refrigeration systems.

Evacuation Services

Hill Brothers offers complete evacuation services for our core products served to permit repairs or facilitate shutdown operations on large or small scale projects such as power plants, water treatment facilities, or other rehabilitation projects.  Contact us for more information.

Engineering Services

Hill Brothers Chemical Co. also provides engineering and technical services. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers, chemist, and technical staff are available every step of the way assisting you with solutions to your problems. Call us today. 

Storage Tanks & Equipment – We’re here to recommend and in some cases provide storage tanks for our bulk products. We also assist in sourcing any and all equipment as well as making recommendations.

Telemetry – Our available services include inventory management. Our staff engineers and technicians can install telemetry to provide safe wireless communications from your bulk tanks to our Customer Service Center.

Safety & Awareness Training

With 100 years of experience Hill Brothers Chemical Co. is committed to safety. We’re more than a 9 to 5 company. In emergency situations, we’re there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you provide a proactive safety program for your employees. Our industry professionals are available for on-site safety and handling seminars, if you have any questions contact us.